Jack has nearly as much experience arranging and orchestrating music as he does playing it. From reimagining the latest pop tune for classical piano trio to producing the entire musical content for a professional pantomime – and everything in between! – Jack is in much demand for his meticulous and inspired work.

Some examples of the services Jack can provide:

  • Clear and well-presented bespoke sheet music arrangements
  • Tailored writing that people want to hear and musicians want to play/sing
  • Reductions, expansions or reorchestrations of existing scores
  • Familiarisation with a broad range of musical styles and idioms
  • Detailed copyist and music preparation services
  • Backing / click track production (using a blend of live musicians and award-winning MIDI sample libraries)
  • Collaboration with colleagues expert in their respective musical genres

So whether it’s a particular favourite to walk down the aisle to, a new theatre show that needs a copyist or simply a vocal score that needs transcribing, Jack can help with your music arrangements.

Take a listen to a sample selection of Jack’s panto click tracks by clicking here.

Music Arrangements

See some examples of projects with which Jack has been involved

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